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About Us

There is nothing in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and he who considers price only is that man’s lawful prey. – John Ruskin 1819-1900
We advertise and offer only the very finest hand made Chesterfield leather sofas and chairs at very competitive prices. Simply the best when only the best will do.

We also deliver the very finest quality hand made Chesterfields so you receive exactly what you expect and in fact a great deal more than you paid for!  It is simply not possible to buy top quality at poor quality prices.

There are companies in Lancashire offering quality Chesterfields direct to the public at impossibly low prices. These offers are via the internet and ebay but, beware, because what you would receive are inferior Demic Chesterfields – Click here.  This dubious practice is not only dishonest but it undermines the famous Chesterfield Brand.

Some national companies now offer a low cost Chesterfield Sofa but to be frank, they are usually Chinese Imports in Bi-cast leather, not really Chesterfields at all.

We maintain …..

  • If other offers are a match for our quality they are substantially more expensive.
  • If other offers are below our best price they have to be inferior in quality.

Your Guarantee Of A Real Bargain

We genuinely believe that our furniture is the best quality available. We know of only 4 organisations who come anywhere close.
Value for money can only be judged by looking at both “price” and “quality“of construction and comfort.

Quality cannot be checked from pictures however good the photography so to order quality leather furniture “untested” from a distant website without knowing exactly what will be delivered is somewhat of a gamble.

Beware of internet direct suppliers. Checking our quality and value in the comfort of our showroom is not a gamble but could well be one of your best buying experiences of your life.

We want you to have a great buying experience and save money

When purchased directly online sofas are the single largest product group that gives rise to customer complaints and consumer credit disputes and we don’t want that any more than you do. We want you to have a great buying experience in person in our Welton showroom.

“Our Chesterfields are simply the best when only the best will do.”

Ordering direct from our showroom will save you hundreds of pounds!

Our website has been deliberately designed not to be a trading website. Our focus is totally on customer satisfaction and for us that means we highly recommend that you try out our furniture in our showroom first. Like our furniture we operate on good traditional values of openness, honesty and integrity. We firmly believe that you’ll be impressed.

If you do order from us by telephone you can be 100% confident that our quality and service will impress you.
Chesterfields produced in the UK and equal to our high quality can be found costing many thousands of pounds.  You will be surprised at the prices and high value on offer in our showroom. Please call us on 01673 866 656 for more information.

Call in and enjoy the Chesterfield experience

While our website illustrates our luxury products well we invite customers to visit our showroom in order to see, touch, smell and feel the style quality and comfort first hand. Only personal viewing can prove that the quality is exactly as you would expect. With our fantastic prices you’ll really appreciate the real meaning of ‘value for money‘.

Our Philosophy – Your Satisfactionchesterfield leather sofas and chairs

  • Check out our luxury furniture in our online showrooms
  • Call into our showroom to feel and try out our sofas and chairs
  • We believe you will be impressed by the high level of quality
  • We know you’ll be impressed with the money saving prices
  • Place your order in total confidence
  • The Chesterfield you receive will not disappoint

You will be surprised at the prices and high value on offer in our showroom